The Study of Geography includes the following components:
Weather, Climate, Physical Geography, and Human Geography

For the study of Weather and Climate, we will be using the following materials:
1. Your PLATO course - the Climate and Weather Tutorial
2. Video - Weather and Climate

3. Video - Factors that affect Climate

4. Global Warming Interactive
5. Ecosystems and Biomes

6. Video - Impacts of People on Ecosystems

7. Ecosystems - How People Benefit from Nature

For the study of Physical Geography, we will be using the following materials:
1. Your PLATO course - the Physical Geography Tutorial
2. Pangaea Interactive
3. Video - Forces that Shape Our Earth

4. Physical Geography - Definitions and links (click to download)
5. Landforms and Water Features - (click to download)
6. Weathering and Erosion - (click to download)

For the study of Human Geography, we will be using the following materials:
1. Economic and political systems - (click to download)
2. Economic Indicators - (click to download)
3. Forms of government

4. Map - systems of the world
5. Resources - Steel Making

6. Resources - Coal Mining

7. Resources - Copper Mining

8. Resources - Oil - Understanding Alaska's Oil

Think about the information you have learned about what makes up culture. Now think about the area you live in. You will make a blog post on your blog titled "My Culture". You will include:
1. pictures and information (that YOU write) about what you know about the language(s) of this area - include information about things like accents and dialects.
2. Include pictures and information about what you know about religion(s) of this area - the main ones.
3. Include information about what kinds of social groups we typically have - and which ones you belong to.
3. Include information about our environment, and the ways you and your family adapt to living in this environment.