The United States

Individual projects for your Weebly page:
For this project you will be choosing to study a region of the United States
1. Alaska
2. Hawaii
3. The West
4. The SouthWest
5. The Midwest
6. The Southeast
7. The Northeast

You will also choose one aspect of that region to study - Culture or Economy

IF you choose Culture, you will be focusing on one of the following:
Traditions and Customs
Lifestyles (homes, clothing, transportation, food related to the environment)

IF you choose Economy, you will be focusing on one of the following:
Natural resources
Development of natural resources
Major industries or agriculture

What you will be creating:
1. A page on your Weebly that has the title of the US region you have chosen
2. An embedded Scribble Map that outlines your region
3. A list of the capital cities in your region
4. A list of the major cities in your region
5. A video embedded into the page which SHOWS through video clips, pictures, etc. aspects of CULTURE or ECONOMY for your region that you have chosen.

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