For your work over the next two weeks, there are 3 essential questions you will be exploring:

  • How are “regions” defined in Canada?

  • How has the theme of Movement shaped the culture and economy of Canada?

  • How has the theme of Human/Environment interaction had an impact on Canada’s economy and the way people live?

Here is what you need to do for starters:
1. Decide which question you will start exploring 1st
2. Make sure you understand what some of these terms mean, like "regions", "movement", "Human/Environment Interaction", "culture" and "economy".
Look at the levels of questioning to determine what kinds of questions you have:
Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 12.42.20 PM.png

Class questions about the Canada Ice Roads video
1. What is a pressure wave?
2. What is the weight limit for the trucks on the ice road?
3. How do they know where to go on the ice?
4. Where are they driving to?
5. How thick does the ice have to be for a truck to drive over it?
6. How cold would it have to be for them to stop working?
7. How long can they use the ice road?
8. Why don’t they just make actual roads?
9. How long does it take to make the ice road?
10.What is the “bush plane observation”?
11.How many people live in the towns that the ice roads go to?
12.What are they hauling in the trucks?
13.What are they mining for?
14.Why do so many people drive these trucks?
15.How long is the ice road?
16.How do you train to be an ice road trucker?
17.What do they do if they run out of gas?

Class questions about the Bilingual Canada video
1. How hard is it to get a job in Canada if you only speak French? - Level 3
2. Which language is spoken most in Canada? - Level 1
3. Why is French so important in Canada? - Level 3
4. How difficult is it for French speakers to learn English? - Level 3
5. When learning to talk, can kids learn 2 languages at the same time? - Level 2
6. Why do people in eastern Canada like French more? - Level 3
7. How many kids participate in bilingual programs in Canada? - Level 1
8. When did Canada become a two language nation? - Level 1
9. Why don't Canadians learn other languages besides French and English? - Level 3

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Interactive - Building the Alaska Canada (AlCan) Highway