Eastern Europe PROJECT

You will become "tour operators". You need to develop a three-week tour itinerary (or plan) for your customers. The ultimate product will be a brochure that describes the tour in detail.

1. You need to use the information you've already collected about Eastern Europe, and do some good research learn basic information about several countries in Eastern Europe. As you work, take notes about each country you would like to have represented in your tour (YOU MUST NARROW THIS DOWN TO 3 COUNTRIES - BEST IF THEY ARE CLOSE TOGETHER).

Post all notes and pictures that you use for planning on this page - it's important that you do this as it will be part of your grade. I expect this to be a collection of pictures, videos and notes on sites you find interesting and MAY decide to include in your tour. Also be sure to figure in hotels where people will stay each night - they should be close to the sites they are visiting that day. Include pictures and names of these hotels. You should also include transportation from place to place - if they will take a train, which train company? If they are flying, which airline? If they are traveling by bus or taking a local tour, give that information. Collect all of it here.

3. After you have finished the review of your region,explore the following websites to learn more about the countries you are researching:

Lonely Planet Destination Guide

Country Watch
Go to the "country profiles" link on the left side of the page

4. On your "Eastern Europe Tour" page, compare and contrast the three countries you have chosen for your tour. Answer the following questions about your three countries on the "Eastern Europe Tour" page.
  • What do these countries have in common?
  • How are they different?
  • Does the physical geography create regional differences? (For example, does a range of mountains separate two countries that are very different? Does a water body separate two countries that are very different? Do countries only separated by a political border differ less than those which are separated by a geographic feature?)

5. Plan your tour by filling out the details on the Tour Operator Planning Guide. There are rules for the tour, which are listed below:
  • You must visit at least three countries.
  • You must use a variety of transportation methods (plane, bus, car, train, etc.).
  • You must visit cultural landmarks, geographic landmarks, and historical landmarks during the trip.
  • Your three countries must have unique characteristics and represent the diversity of that region.

6. When you have filled out your guide, it must be posted to your "Eastern Europe Tour" page. If you have printed it off and filled it out by hand, take a picture of it and post it on the Weebly page. If you have filled it out on the computer, save it and upload it as a doc or image to your Weebly page.

7. The brochure of your three-week tour with a complete itinerary will be created using thePrint Press . Choose either "Brochure" or "Booklet" and to use the Tour Operator Planning Sheet as a guide. Print out your final brochure when it is finished.

NOTE: Spelling, capitalization, and punctuation DO COUNT! Absolutely NO copying pasting - this will earn you an automatic zero.