For your new Weebly PAGE on Russia you must complete these things Monday, January 20.
1. Pick the question you want to explore from either the TransSiberian Railway questions or the Engineering an Empire questions (these are on my desk by the SmartBoard if you want to look them over again).

2. Type the question you will explore on your new Russia page in a Title box so we can clearly see it.

3. Now you will do some research to help answer your question.

4. Type up one paragraph in your own words that summarizes the results you find and helps to answer the question.

5. Find and post 3 pictures that address your question or relate to it - make sure to include a link to the source image for each.

6. Find 2 videos that address your question or relate to it - embed these.

7. PUBLISH so I can see your work.

Go through the following geography activities:

1. General Information about Russia

Questions for above link "General Information about Russia"



4. Russian Culture

Clash of Cultures Video

5. Russian Physical Geography
Video - Russia's Forrests

Siberian Tundra Biome
Russian Taiga (or Boreal)
Russian Taiga (or Boreal)

Russia- Geography

6. Russia's Natural Resources

Russia - Chernobyl

7. Engineering an Empire - Russian History